My Boss is Great

The following is Winston Wilde‘s humorous, yet honest list of reasons why straight men have sex with men.  It was his way of retaliating against a very short list of pathological and judgmental assumptions.  Thanks Win.

Subject: [AASectlist] More reasons why some straight men have sex with men

1. because they’re horny
2. because they’re in a monastery
3. because they’re in the military
4. because they’re in prison
5. because their wife won’t give them head
6. because they are getting paid for it
7. because they are drunk
8. because they are trading sex for drugs
9. because someone next door gives it to them for free
10. because someone at the office gives it to them
11. because they were in a steam room and it just happened
12. because they were in college getting hazed
13. because they woke up and somebody was doing it to them
14. because they are an anthropologist on assignment
15. because they were in a gay environment and “went native”
16. because they work on the vice squad
17. because they’re in between girlfriends looking to balance their anima/animus
18. because they’re in a fugue state
19. because they’re in a manic state
20. because they only have ten minutes left on their lunch break
21. because it’s trendy
22. because all the cool straight guys are doing it just to be cool
23. because they were playing Truth or Dare
24. or as one student told my class: “I’m engaged to my girlfriend but I just want to see what’s it’s like
to be with a dude before we get married and then I’m monogamous.”
25. because they want to be in porn and gay porn pays twice as much as men get paid in straight porn
26 because they think their partner is female until they get into bed, and by that time they don’t care
27. because they were playing Circle Jerk
28. because homosexual behaviors are a rite of passage (Papau New Guinea)
29. because their wife/girlfriend asked them to
30. because their dominatrix ordered them to
31. because they didn’t care about the gender of the other person in the furrie suit
32. because they’ve had a paradigm shift
33. because they found a compassionate man and the chemistry was there
34. because as Walt Whitman said, they found “adhesive love”