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Welcome to IntimacyToolbox.com

This is a sex and relationship online resource for:

  • The independent wife
  • The curious college student
  • The newly single, heterosexual man
  • The esteemed therapist
  • The motivated sex educator
  • The relationship blogger
  • The transwoman looking for community
  • The leatherman who recently got a new pin
  • The poly couple in the mists of negotiating their relationship
  • The lesbian still connected to her ex
  • The avid reader feverishly looking for a new book
  • …and everyone in between

This website was designed to be a hub of resources for Ms. Ruedas’ clients and students, as well as the general public.  The material presented on this site is meant to challenge your thinking and help you discover more about yourself.  Explore ideas about intimacy, communication, and relationships.  Learn more about gender and sex.  Find yourself, and learn how Ms. Ruedas can help.


Who is Nina Grace Ruedas?

Ms. Ruedas is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (92434).  She specializes in couples therapy, sex therapy, and psychotherapy with individuals striving for more.  She is also an adjunct professor, a sex educator, and the co-author of a monthly sex and relationship column in Palms Springs.  Most of Ms. Ruedas’ clinical training has concentrated on sex therapy, couples therapy, and psychotherapy with the LGBT community.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about her services or if you would like her help.

Why Intimacy Toolbox?

The word “intimacy” can be used to define closeness, a deep connection, an expression of affection or even sexual intercourse.  There are a lot of ways to be intimate, whether it’s over the span of several years or in just a fleeting moment.  Why not look at intimacy from every angle?  How are you intimate with others?  How do you care for and show affection for yourself?  Hopefully this website provides you with tools.