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**Sex & Relationships During COVID-19**

Special Note: Times are different right now.  Self-care, relationships, intimacy, love, compassion, and touch may feel more important than ever.  At the same time, everyone must take special precautions to keep themselves and other safe.  The following are some helpful tips and guidelines while we navigate life and sex during a pandemic.


  • Overall COVID-19 Guidelines: Coronavirus (COVID-19) – CDC – Since information changes frequently, please stay up-to-date by visiting the CDC website.
  • Handout: Sex and Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – New York City Health Department – nyc.gov – These guidelines were published on March 27, 2020.  Overall COVID-19 guidelines have changed since then, but the handout still provides helpful suggestions.  Consider masturbation to be the safest form of sex and reduce your number of partners to minimize exposure.
  • Article: COVID-19 and Your Sexual Health – Planned Parenthood – plannedparenthood.org – Planned Parenthood explains why it is important to avoid exposure to other people’s saliva and fecal matter, and how to minimize exposure with barrier methods.  The article also summarizes playful ways to be flirtatious and feel sexy while social distancing.  Most importantly, remember that there are resources for those who might be in abusive relationships.
  • Article: Coronavirus and Sex: Questions and Answers – Jen Guner – nytimes.com – Written by a Bay Area OB/GYN, this article summarizes the various ways people might be reacting to sex in the midst of a pandemic.  Learn Guner’s response to having a “Covid sex buddy” and what they have to say about buying sex toys locally.
  • Article: Sex and COVID-19 – CJ Tobe – desertaidsproject.org – The author provides helpful tips for reducing one’s risk of contracting COVID-19 while still being sexually active.  Take advantage of all that technology has to offer, masturbate, utilize sex toys, and don’t forget to wash up afterwords. 

Important note: Nina’s psychotherapy sessions have temporarily moved online.  She is still available to help with issues related to sex, love, relationships, coping skills, self-awareness, and more.  Though she specializes in sex therapy, Nina has worked at a Family Medicine residency program for 4+ years.  Therefore, she would also like to extend support to the physicians and other front line health providers throughout California.  Please reach out to learn how she can help.

Welcome to IntimacyToolbox.com!

This website was created to help house sex and relationship online resources for those interested in learning more about their bodies, relationships, attachment styles, sex lives, and more.  It was designed for adults of all ages, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, relationship styles, relationship statuses, and sexual interests.

Who is Nina Grace Ruedas, MS, LMFT?

Nina is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (92434) specializing in couples therapy, sex therapy, and psychotherapy with adult individuals aspiring for more.  She has a private practice at the north end of Downtown Palm Springs and is available to provide telehealth to those throughout California.

If you are new to sex therapy, it is a form of talk therapy.  No physical touch is allowed.  Your average psychotherapist needs ten hours of sexual health education to get licensed in California.  Nina has far exceeded the minimum requirements.

Nina is also a long-time sex educator and a budding sexologist.  She teaches graduate level courses in sex therapy, couples therapy, and cultural diversity.  She loves volunteering and advocating for those she serves.  Please review her CV to learn more about her work and dedication to sexual health.

Why call it Intimacy Toolbox?

The word “intimacy” can be used to define closeness, a deep connection, an expression of affection or even sexual intercourse.  There are a lot of ways to be intimate, whether it’s over the span of several years or in just a fleeting moment.  Why not look at intimacy from every angle?  How are you intimate with others?  How do you care for and show affection to yourself?  Hopefully this website provides you with helpful tools.