Sex Therapy

What is SEX THERAPY?   cupcake

Sex therapy is a specialty of talk therapy that focuses on issues pertaining to sex and sexuality.   Address issues concerning performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction (ED), rapid ejaculation, painful sex (i.e. vaginismus), delayed orgasm, no orgasms, loss desire, troublesome turn-ons, sex addiction (also known as compulsive sexual behavior), and much more.  Improve your sex life, accept and own your sexuality, rid yourself of shame and guilt, increase your self-awareness, and learn how to negotiate relationships.  Process old worries and hurt, summarize your resilience, improve your sexual self-esteem, learn how to communicate your needs, and develop a greater understanding of how your body functions sexually.

Who goes to SEX THERAPY?

Sex therapy is attended by people of various relationship statuses, genders, and orientations.  There aren’t prerequisite concerning your sexual experience or sexual interests that must be met prior to making an initial appointment.  Individuals, swingers, cohabiting couples, married couples celebrating 20+ years, poly families, and a plethora of others might seek the professional help of a sex therapist when confronted with a sex related concern.

When should someone visit a SEX THERAPIST?

The sooner the better.  Why wait until too many seeds of guilt and shame have been planted?  Why allow resentments to build?  Why let avoidance welcome anxiety into your life?

IMG_0624Where can you find a SEX THERAPIST? 

When seeking professional help, make sure the individual you are working with is qualified, nonjudgmental, and elicits open and honest responses from you.  When settling on a sex therapist, make sure the therapist is an individual who challenges you, while also providing a safe and comfortable environment.  Directories offered by the American Association for Sexuality, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) and Kink Aware Professionals (KAP) can be a great resources when looking for assistance.

Why does SEX THERAPY not involve touch?   

It is extremely important to remember that sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that does not involve touch.  There are professional (i.e. sexual surrogates, sacred intimates, etc.) that employ physical contact to address issues related to sex and sexuality; however, that should be adjunct work to sex therapy.

To learn why professional therapy never includes sex, please click here.  The link will guide you to a booklet produced by the California Department of Consumer Affairs IMG_1060that helps consumers protect themselves from becoming victims of sexual exploitation by psychotherapists.

How can I learn more?

Make a phone call and an appointment for an initial assessment to help determine whether or not sex therapy is right for you.


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I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (92434) currently accruing hours towards my Sex Therapy Certification from the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).  My specialties include sex therapy, therapy with erotic minority people, couples therapy, and therapy with individuals striving for a more fulfilling life.  My mission is to provide an atmosphere that is safe, understanding, nonjudgmental, sex positive, and culturally aware.